What’s the big move for Baidu

from the beginning of November 8th morning, Baidu has put on a new LOGO, which allows us to think over what festival is not the case, because the people on the LOGO is not representative of what festivals, the only representative is the popular TV series "soldiers raided" the hero in xusanduo. XuSanDuo strong smart affect others, perhaps this is the reason he can figure it on the first page of Baidu.

yes, Baidu has launched a new project, the Baidu home page. With the launch of Baidu e-commerce project which is a surprise attack, the sudden explosion in quiet, then expands rapidly. As a result, the Internet industry in the new site is talking about Baidu’s new projects, big action.

others say that there will be the first time there will be second back there will be a second back to the third, less than a month, Baidu has launched a big action back to the two, then the next time, Baidu, what will be a big move?

Baidu is famous for its search, once boasted the vertical search is that Baidu search engine can not meet the needs of users operating, presumably Baidu also know this sentence, then Baidu will improve this shortcoming? The 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the Internet is to see the life-saving straw. Although there are a lot of games in the league, the surface or the essence of it, but Baidu did not have what action. Baidu may not be willing to lonely, like a company to launch Beijing search www.beijingso.com also proposed the slogan for the Beijing Olympic games services, they need to go to a Beijing 2008.


, Baidu will improve the disadvantages, and make a life information service of vertical search? This is really not sure, if you really like, estimated Beijing search must worry, worry not on-line is Baidu’s momentum pressed down. But what would Baidu big move, only Robin Li understand, then listen to Robin Li after shouting……

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