How do sell weight loss products to achieve monthly sales on Taobao

I am 05 years registered Taobao account, has been used to buy cheap and interesting stuff, 2008 to sell a prompted by a sudden impulse, on Taobao. Until 09 years, only a year before the order of the order of two. To tell the truth, Taobao is not a place where ordinary people can stay.

previously made products in the region agent, due to the industry competition is too fierce, but also the ordinary people of my Amoy state. Once, my classmate called to ask me if there is any weight loss drugs, so I decided to do weight loss products. Later on Taobao, found that this competition is quite fierce, and the gap is very large. Most people simply can not clinch a deal, but also see some sellers monthly turnover of tens of thousands of pieces, but also lost heart. In general, grad…


always in the market for a few years, stayed in the master circle, ordinary people like me how many there are some advantages, of course, certainly not less detours, the road is summarized out on their own. Not to mention the scandal. Direct focus:

1, weight loss product selection (* details.)

2, slimming product market positioning, planning (skip…

)Analysis and strategy of

3, weight loss products (in * * * competitors introduced. *


4, Taobao basic promotional tools (general)

5, slimming product promotion strategy (* * key)

below I will briefly describe these points

first: the choice of weight loss products must meet the following points (their sum is not very perfect):

1, new products, not only the new concept, but also a selling point. For example, Taobao online selling L-carnitine, due to a variety of Hunan satellite TV program recommendation and hot. L-carnitine has a new concept, recommended by the doctor, star trial, selling point is more unique, and into the ranks of hot sales.

2, the product has obvious effect, green and safe! Now lose weight are very safe, no effect of unsafe products, side effects, will not repeat the negative effects of the rebound, but the evaluation is not high, so you will find the product selling selling products to sell in the dead. Taobao, on behalf of such products, such as: LVSHOU, lightning, etc..

3, the product price is reasonable, the ordinary consumer can withstand the public but not lose the grade price. Generally a course of 100 to about $200, one can let the customer experience, even if it is practical to try. It can buy back again.

summary: through the above positioning, I choose L-carnitine this product.

second: weight loss product market positioning, planning, I generally go is the end product (treatment in 100-200 yuan), first of all, a large crowd, the market demand. Low-end products, although the price is low, most people would think that not enough grades. There will be >

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