The 20 thousand month profit sharing site RMB webmaster business operation experience


webmaster has 5 years, all these years has been trying to write what, get the power to let more like me confused webmaster, find some practical experience, here today to share some of their ideas, since it is practical certainly will involve the station, if you think I was too soft can skip url:) well, or talk about business.

1) optimization of the first step, a good domain name allows you to get twice the result with half the effort:

2007: I applied for a domain in Qianmo doing audition see the friends of profit is very good, so the use of a piece of their own website optimization bullheadedness began ranking dance dance, dance and plug-in PW, Download word. In order to get a good ranking, I tried to optimize the ranking, exchange links updated daily, but has little effect. Not as their ideal ranking: audition word I have been unable to stabilize into the first page, of course, has been in the top three is only a short one or two days. Of course, it has earned about $30 thousand for me.

account: when the monthly GG high 3k, low 1K. (my GG optimization method: only a 250 ad on the content page)

SP union high daily income has hit 150 yuan a day. My approach is to choose a new product / service that is new to the Alliance (


has also received through the Admin5 intermediary and external media advertising is estimated to have about 3000 yuan (because the top of the list).


domain of this application was originally used to do what we think we know, ha ha, it once took 3 months to have income, then I thought if the domain name is a related Au or JWT related domain name I have been drifting red dance mission station. See my income is eye shine:


said that the domain name is so important, how to choose it, the best personal webmaster to optimize the point of view, because we are poor ah. Like I now apply for a small game station domain name: optimization 4399 Baidu index is very good, and it is easy to remember it? Why do you want to understand how to understand the experience of the 44150. On 2008 my domain name is important because the local harbor jumped into the "Chenzhou" is a word of Baidu home before three, I in this not how optimization under the condition of the easy access to the Baidu home page (in front of the first page of the station is about 10 of the local power station!!), but in the six months to someone find a set of advertising 2000 yuan / month, another website / Web site optimization business every two months can bring about 3 single, did not earn the money I can learn about the Chenzhou network ( to see the domain name is Chenzhou Pinyin + a 5 similar to the station name. Ranking why so good reason you may already know, is not to go.

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