09 summary five mainstream Wangzhuan Wangzhuan project

Write 10 typical liar 09 a few days before

exposure, many friends said that I was not announcing the death of the Annunciation, hee hee, it will meet the demands of everyone, then sum up 09 years of five typical money project.

A: network virtual career

A5 currently has a lot of network recruitment notice, at present on the web site may be due to stationmaster relatively busy, often need help managing the site, so we need to recruit some part-time or full-time job. Network virtual job income is relatively stable, but generally relatively low, so it is also suitable for part-time industry.

two: freelance operator

there are so many people in the current network, such as helping others do web pages, procedures, etc., are freelance. There are also many writers, is to help others to write articles to make money to eat meal, ability of people is relatively common. But this person has a defect, the income is not very stable, so we recommend in the operation of such a project to make money, can only be used as a part-time job, unless your income is very high in the truth, can consider full-time.

three: network marketing to make money

such as Taobao, pat shop, online sales of clothing, virtual items, in kind, are part of the network marketing. Network marketing revenue relative to the reality of the shop, the investment cost is relatively low, and the return of profits is relatively high, is currently one of the more new operation of the project. Network marketing to make money, we hope to increase the knowledge of SEO and other aspects, so that sales, it is easier to get a higher flow, that is, sales.

four: operation to make money website project

a lot of sites to allow members to make money platform, such as click on advertising to make money, browse ads, tasks and many other models. But at present this kind of industry is mixed, because there are a lot of sites are personal webmaster operation, so it is easy to appear economic ability does not support and choose to give up, so as to stop paying members of the liar site. Therefore, the need for members to choose carefully, looking for the size of the company’s Web site, is relatively good, such as 58 ad task network (58task.com), etc..

five: by making blogs or websites to make money

is currently the most profitable industry, and most people choose to work full-time. However, due to the current shuffle, the country wide range of cleaning, so for most people, it may be a difficult time, but I believe that personal webmaster, there is always a bright day. I also remember the Olympic Station, 58task.com to see it, and make the flow of advertising alliance click, is to do a little advertising, don’t be a stranger.

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