Education website BetterLesson received $3 million 500 thousand in funding for education 2


simply put, BetterLesson is designed for primary and secondary school teachers to provide curriculum content and classroom management programs educational website. In the above, you can see other excellent teacher’s curriculum design and classroom management approach, you can also publish your experience and solutions for other teachers reference.

has a lot of school student to replace the heavy bag with iPad, and with the technology in the education industry’s growing influence, it is not difficult to imagine some classroom elements we know will gradually disappear, textbooks, blackboards, even the teacher exam. Naturally, good technology is unable to affect your life with a mentor compared, and technology can do is to help teachers, so that they can better and more effective teaching. On the platform of BetterLesson, educators can find excellent courses and share them. They can also search for different types of documents, such as teaching plan, content and curriculum.

BetterLesson from Highland Capital General Catalyst last year, after NewSchools venture capital had $1 million 600 thousand into the hands of BetterLesson, has become a teacher with tens of thousands and hundreds of subscribers of the mature community.

for the start-up companies in the education sector, only to get the support of venture capital is not enough, from the government and social subsidies and funding is particularly important. From the Gates Foundation grant of $3 million 500 thousand, let BetterLesson peers admire unceasingly, the overall capital is more than $6 million. BetterLesson will spend the money on the expansion of enrollment and the development of a "teacher to teacher" learning program, which aims to help teachers share the best and most efficient classroom management model and teaching methods.

has better tools and resources, teachers can easily achieve individualized, and strengthen the communication between the students and the teaching to mechanical, education to meet the arrival of 2.

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