Success is simple. Do it again and again

The country’s famous marketing guru, is about to bid farewell to his marketing career, the industry associations and the community should be invited, he will be the largest stadium in the city, to make a farewell career speech.

when a staff of two, carrying a big hammer, the man in front. The host at this time to the audience: please two strong people, to the stage. A lot of young people stand up, in a blink of an eye has two quick action on the stage.

the restored calm, the old man took out a small hammer from his coat pocket, and then carefully, facing the huge iron ball. He used a small hammer iron ball "Dong" knock, and then paused again with a small hammer "boom" knock. People looked at, the old man was so "Dong" knock it, then paused and continued to do so.


in about forty minutes into the old man, sit in front of a woman suddenly screamed: "ball!" The moment people watching intently immediately in perfect silence, the iron ball. The ball moved with a small swing, and it was difficult to detect without careful observation. The old man still a small hammer with a small hammer, people like to hear the little hammer lob sound. The old man shot a hammer a hammer to knock the swing higher, it pulled the "bang bang" iron shelf, as its enormous power strongly shocked everyone present. Finally explode;

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