Wangzhuan experience how to do the new month earn 3000 yuan

Hello, in fact, the month earns 3000 yuan for many webmaster is not what a very difficult thing, I also tell you not to show off his ability, in this article I mainly help the novice who is looking forward to making money online, hope they can come out from the confusion in Wangzhuan let them know. In fact, for newcomers to do Wangzhuan, 3000 month is not difficult, I will combine their own how to do earn 3000 examples to introduce the technique of

network to make money!

I do website is about slimming products, started in July this year on the line, August formal operations and promotion, and at the end of August had earned 3000 yuan, I through the web site to do Taobao customers, Taobao is cannot do without network promotion, so I mainly through some promotion skills. Let my site easily earn this three thousand yuan! I was how to promote the


one: through the search engine to promote

of the search engine market is still dominated by two Baidu and Google, my site on the line after a week after Baidu was collected, methods to improve the site’s ranking I used the purchase link, or buy links in the same type of website, this method improve the site’s ranking in a short time. Is very helpful, but the purchase link is the need to master a degree, that is the website not to buy too many links, to prevent Baidu think you cheat, I do website content every day to write about 5 articles, through such efforts, about key words in the middle of July my website the ranking to the first page, but this keyword search volume is not large, about 100 people a day or so to search my site about 20 people Around bar. Later, another key I have ranked on the first page, so these two words can probably give me the site 6, 70 of the traffic, because the traffic is directional, so the conversion rate is still quite good, basically every day there are one or two orders, because is slimming products so, the relative profit will be a little higher, because the new station will earn much, some people still can earn


two: through the forum to promote

in the forum to promote their website to use a trick is to add your site in the post, and then find the best PR forum is relatively high, at least in more than 3, because the PR is too low for the forum to increase the weight of the website doesn’t help, then this is the best original post post, this included for Baidu, but some people say too difficult to the original post, actually posts can be a little, two hundred words can be, this post write up relatively easily, of course, quality posts should not be ignored, not to pursue the number of Posts and the speed of quality requirements is not high, so it is easy to be deleted as garbage, the best day to two or three weight high BBS, every BBS send two to three post it! >

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