Talk about those things off Taobao earn first pot of gold

do SEO for a long time, but has never been involved in Taobao off, but many of my friends have been doing, but also in the A5 to share a lot of experience, the effect is very good. So I started trying to be a Taobao. The thought of optimizing some of the long tail keywords can solve the problem, get some small benefit, but later found not to be the case, there are a lot of details here worth thinking about. As long as you do, really understand where the difficulties. Today to share with you.


mentality is very important


customer is very profitable, but many owners did not earn money, finally forced a switch. Including myself, at the beginning of the time has always felt that Taobao is to optimize some of the long tail keywords, and then rely on these long tail word to get directional flow, and then get benefit. But then some words I have very good rankings, every day to flow is directed, but still no income, was very anxious, so check a lot of information, it says Taobao guest black list is normal, so at the time that this industry is not good to do, I wanted to give up mentality. But I told myself, as do, to keep calm, don’t give up easily. After a period of time, about a month, there is income. So, now feel more important mentality.

page optimization techniques

page optimization skills? As long as there is not a flow can be profitable?. Sometimes, even if your traffic is very directional, but still won’t get commission. Because you can not keep visitors, can not grasp the user’s psychology. Many users are very picky, came to the site to see the left. So many webmaster use jump, try to reduce the time to stay in their own website, this is a very good method, but one thing, this will be the search engine punishment. This jump does not SEO how long term optimization characteristics. Therefore, as far as possible to focus on their own site, after a simple look at the user, you can quickly go shopping on Taobao.

external considerations

external matters is very simple, there are a few points in general, is a title and description to write accurately, some attractive; two is the page itself to open faster, otherwise the user will not wait, most users are browsing, not in reading; three is to jump or enter the site must be opened smoothly. Some shops such as Taobao itself, because the picture is too much, too much, so open time is very slow, I use IE8 browser, sometimes will card 5-8 seconds to completely open, in fact, this is a need to pay attention to, so the promotion of the whole store and sometimes is not a very good choice. It depends on the situation of each store.

SEO means a single strong

finally and you chatter about the SEO method, the commonly used SEO means everyone for having heard it many times, here I will not display slight skill before an expert. And we say that from the

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