Entrepreneurship not necessarily engage in T industry!

although I entered the field of IT soon, but can feel the entrepreneurial atmosphere of the rich. In contact with the IT crowd, many people are hoping to be able to fight on the Internet belongs to their own world, hoping to find their own way out here. Then the sad thing is how many people really are entrepreneurial success by engaging in Internet? Of course is not a no, actually through their own entrepreneurial success on the Internet people or more, but the proportion of very little! So what is the reason for the


threshold low lead to blindly follow the trend of

in a few years ago, college graduates are not many, but most did not read the University, did not participate in the college entrance examination of high school students. The most people in the society after a small part of the switch to learn some technical things, others choose to enter the factory at an ordinary employee. Most people with the same no higher education, also did not have a proficiency in a particular line! But unwilling to ordinary heart! All kind of people in general will put the army to the Internet to. The reason is very simple, in the era of Internet business threshold is very low, as long as a little bit of technology, you can pick up gold in the internet. Today, many young people to see the success of their predecessors, have begun to integrate into the army of Internet entrepreneurs.

talked about the current status of Internet entrepreneurship

in this fast changing era, what do you take to the capital to talk about entrepreneurship! A lot of people are relying on the old technology in the Internet business, most of the wrong! According to the current trend, if still rely on the old technology before in the fight like war years machetes with others a few it is foolish to rush a machine gun, too. In contact with the Internet these days, I feel the most is the quick change this, SEO era began to take the heat, followed by the mobile Internet era is the era of big data, only then can not backward! Then you? Or with the rusty "machete" shouting business slogan? Then you have to out

!There is a

with the author as the grass root entrepreneurs! No culture, no background, only the back of the bitter force of entrepreneurs. Often live on the next day I do not know the next day still adhere to the entrepreneurial road. Because we are not the two generation, nor is it the official generation of the two. Not all with these people than people money, a hit immediately to get what you want, but we are not the same! What have to rely on people to work hard! Two rich generation can not understand, do not understand the code, do not understand marketing! And we need to learn? Marketing and even learn technical code things, and our time is limited, can not have so much time dispersed in these things, all in that we do not have a congenital advantage of


entrepreneurs do not have to engage in IT industry

In fact, this is the focus of our

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