Huang Taiji is so terrible, why do we vote for him


Huang Taiji rigid demand for white-collar petty groups nearby, safe and healthy, BELLE models established public catering industry.


text / Peng Zhiqiang

Huang Taiji, in the past two years, the Internet venture capital is a hot vocabulary, is also a topic of debate.

is a professional investment institutions to find good Huang Taiji, the logic and arguments convince yourself with a low valuation of the investment in the debate, Huang Taiji, this is our investment team in the past 3 months of work.

today, we will invest decision to do a complete review, this is the past thinking summary, if Huang Taiji investment is successful, so we hope to be able to extract more from the experience and rules, if the development of the future investment decision that is not successful, we also hope to learn more a lesson from.

As with all

industry, VC is a growth in the complex industry, to find the law from the case we are committed to the pursuit of the realm.

why investment is the key point of Huang Taiji, three.

first, Huang Taiji is cast, cast the man

He Chang

to talk about the first person who Huang chang. Almost all VC will say that the investment formula is "human + business model"".

In fact, before the

of our team and he Chang is not dealt with, but he Chang teacher, Professor Li Shanyou CEIBS entrepreneurship camp who always said this guy is good, and the coated Hongchuan highland capital investment style has always been cautious, they are to He Chang endorsement, the first for me to have left a good first impression.

how to quickly understand the entrepreneur?

is now WeChat, micro-blog has become an important platform for DD after due diligence and investment management, you can always see the entrepreneurs in what to do, what is in the passions at a glance, some even sleep, when all the time to master.

think about this all-weather, less dead angle to tune the way which is the traditional way of due diligence can be compared to


is a former investment manager survey, the partner is more in a few key occasions to come forward, look at the material, listen to reports, articles may be the main partner of the work.

and now, in WeChat circle of friends can easily learn about the proposed project to invest in the vicinity of the founder, so now the investment has been judged by the impact of the mobile internet.

in the collection of a large number of people in the circle of Chang Chang feedback, he Chang circle of friends and Huang Taiji micro-blog has become the main channel for us to understand and judge entrepreneurs.

‘s obvious feeling is that the entrepreneur has a passion, hard work, sleep late, get up early, full of positive energy, and most of the time talking about the development of enterprises, focusing

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