Do you know why your website doesn’t make money

      when we just built the site also took many tortuous paths, but also in the exploration progress, but since I see below this article knew their problem; it is the so-called discovery problem, solve the problem, now has been harvested;

        I hope this article will benefit everyone:

        one, do not know how to make money

        wrong ideas: such as bigger and think how to make money, because the three portals, Baidu and other well-known sites are so come!

        you have not thought about these issues:

        1, and these successful websites at the same time take the same way down the site?

        2, the current Internet environment and Internet environment the same as it was 10 years ago?

        3, the success rate of this mode of operation?

        very low and will be getting lower and lower!!!

        please remember this principle:

        A, high risk may not necessarily have high returns!

        B, if you want to operate a low-risk business can really make money for you, be sure to think about how to make money, and then do it again!

        two, profit model is too complex

        1, the more links in a project, the greater the risk, because as long as one of the links is not done well, it may fail

        2, the more complex the profit model, the more difficult it is for your users and customers to understand, so that users and customers are looking at the head, you will be very difficult to succeed.


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