China’s first instant messaging alliance system successfully developed!

alliance profile:

      ask easy alliance was founded in early 2007, in order to promote asked. (China first Witkey network) and development, ask easy alliance with more experienced marketing team, and continuous innovation in the marketing operation mode, launched the rich marketing mode, to meet the diverse needs of the webmaster friends the.

                easy to ask. Ask the union based on the brand advantage, has relatively strong promotion strength, but because of all the independent products, owners do not have to worry about the emergence of advertising a product period abruptly terminated, the station will be put on the long-term advertising. Ask professional technical team to have an independent union, the first domestic instant query system, convenient for members to keep track of their performance to master site traffic. Easy alliance with a stable system platform, secure and reliable payment of credibility in the industry has established a good reputation. We will be customer satisfaction as our mission, to achieve a more intimate, better service unremitting efforts. We believe that we will have a happy cooperation with the webmaster friends.

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