The biggest single threat to the nternet has become a network of DDOS pollution

2008 with the Web2.0 to continue to flourish, and rising stocks, securities and other hot topics, makes the enterprise network application of electronic commerce, finance, telecommunications and website based on security situation is more serious in the.

in the past few years, Yahoo, Amazon, CNN and Taobao as the representative of the recent attacks can be seen, distributed denial of service (DDoS) technology develops very rapidly, the damage is more serious. It has become a major security threat to large web sites and web server operators.

DDoS has become a network of environmental hazards

DDoS is designed to target the network by means of violent behavior, so that the victim can not handle legitimate requests. In a variety of forms, we usually see traffic congestion and bandwidth consumption, rather than the application of resources.


network security products marketing center deputy general manager Li Qingshan said: "the current situation and characteristics of attack, denial of service attack especially destructive DDoS attack the strongest, the highest efficiency, the harm is more serious. DDoS is the most serious threat to the network business of the enterprise, and the economic loss is enormous. It is also a very difficult to use traditional methods to protect against the attack, the server, bandwidth is its target. Like traffic jams, DDoS has become a public nuisance."

Arbor co-founder and CTO of Rome, Dr. Networks said that the DDoS attack is not a new discovery, its strength and popularity in the past ten years with the rise of Botnet Botnets and growing. Botnets provide the firepower that DDoS needs: bandwidth, computers, and network infrastructure. In 2006, about half of all botnets, at least one DDoS attack.

Arbor Networks, a global network infrastructure report shows that botnets and DDoS attacks have become the largest single threat to Internet service providers (ISP) network today.

Arbor Networks observed the largest sustained DDoS attacks on Internet users in 2003 was 2.5Gbps, the largest sustained attack scale by more than 40Gbps by 2008. The fact that Internet service providers are making things more complicated is that the "amateur" attack and the "professional" attack gap between the "Gbps" and the "middle class" is growing, involving thousands of zombie hosts.

in the past few years, most of the first and two tier network service providers to complete a major investment in the backbone of the infrastructure, upgrade links to OC192 (10Gbps network) as well as higher. However, the Internet service provider survey report shows that sustained attacks over 24Gbps, which has reached the bandwidth

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