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was invited to attend the Google Adsense7 month 24 days in Guangzhou R & F The Ritz Carlton Hotel Grand Ballroom partner Google Adsense day activities, team members to explain in detail the website advertising optimization and quality skills and experience of some common problems, and introduces some new products and new tools google. Compared to the last session of the meeting, harvest more positive answer some questions many webmaster very controversial on the network, such as what kind of situation will seal closed account, account should be how to deal with, how to deal with the balance of the account closure, what are the requirements and policies for copyright issues, and whether there are other advertising alliance conflict and so on, covering almost all the hot issues of Internet webmaster.

The following

by xieke simple tidy, you share reference and did not participate in the official meeting of the webmaster, and recorded the Google Adsense team member Tina all the speech about this problem with mobile phone, interested can obtain the video and xieke.

1, under what circumstances will be closed account?

illegal Google Adsense policy website, the common situation is as follows:

a, advertisement is seductive, such as "please help me little advertising, but not many", "wonderful content" and so on, only the "official sponsor advertising", "Google Adsense".

B, involving copyright issues, such as the total station to collect other people’s content, as well as video music software download

C, full page advertising, so that visitors must click

D, cheating invalid click

2, my account was closed, the balance can be removed before the


too many people ask this question. The answer is: No. Once the account is closed, all the money can not be removed, will be returned to the advertising sponsor.

3, once the account is stopped, how should we deal with?

before the account is stopped, Google Adsense will send a warning message, please reply within 48 hours of receipt of the message and give a reasonable explanation, otherwise the child will stop when the account is 48.

4, why didn’t I receive a warning email account by K?

because you have to clear the illegal Google Adsense advertising policies, such as copyright issues, so no warning, warning is generally too much invalid click, have suspected cheating, there is room for interpretation or to correct problems.

5, in China, will be considered in RMB payment?

temporarily not considered.

6, Google Adsense and other advertising alliances, such as Baidu theme promotion, >

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