Mo Yan’s lecture on website operation (five)

Today we talk about how to improve the popularity of the website from all aspects.

as a site, how should we do to the user’s enthusiasm to call up?

"community management" what do you mean?

is our website to build into a virtual society, form an interactive way to communicate. Our users can directly participate in and share a variety of topics, activities, etc.. Better allow users to participate directly, allowing users to be more active to express themselves and share the views of others, thus forming an interactive mechanism. So this is called community management"

to read the game information that must be "17173"

in these sites, they all have their own specific access population, industry area is belong to you.

them through website news content, we can find through careful analysis. They make full use of their web site to visit the user to comment on the exchange of industry knowledge to mobilize the enthusiasm of members..

reflected in this website for the authority of the industry, let a person feel to see what content will go to the site.

"integration of 3 party interactive circulation" what do you mean?

we emphasize news content through the forum, BLOG. When the site is a news you will be the subject of controversial seat

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