Kingsoft personal webmaster please give a statement


today issued a notice as follows important about 08 years before the July Wangmeng data clear that


webmaster, everyone good

everyone is currently 08 years ago, the data is still a lot of questions in July, and then specify the specific.

network system due to huge data statistics, this year in June 5, part of the webmaster settlement data, in order to ensure the normal operation of data in the future, technical treatment for 08 years before emptying the July data, all data are recalculated from the promotion in July 08.

now we only keep backup 08 years 1-6 months of data, 08 years before the data are not reserved, can view the alliance membership agreement, eight, Cooperation Commission: 4 of the settlement, the book balance must be more than the minimum payment of commission membership quota: 100 yuan (including 100 yuan). If you do not meet the minimum commission limit, will be automatically accumulated to the next month, if three months did not reach $100, not to pay, and re start accounting. ( Module=index& act=showtext& obj=protocol)

08 months 1-6 months to export data to meet the conditions of the transfer of the webmaster, we have completed remittance. Does not meet the conditions of remittance after July, to meet the conditions after the remittance, the amount of data with the month before replacement.


I immediately found a few WebUnion, introduced in the home page (the project guide website novice master FAQ) are not found if three months did not reach 100 yuan, not to give the payment, and start accounting, this sentence


later learned that this sentence appears when you registered Kingsoft, the bottom of a league member agreement, I don’t know how many owners will see the alliance member agreement.

we all know, for small personal webmaster, advertising is mainly GG, such as click union alliance website advertising supplement is installed to the Jinshan, unless it is large or small download stations, most webmaster is difficult to three months to reach 100 yuan, is likely to reach half a year or longer. Maybe you will laugh, but the 100 yuan can at least give domain renewal, so many webmaster put in Jinshan advertising


today to see this announcement, I think we should withdraw, our efforts in vain, you how many dozens of his dozens, dozens of the country!!!!!! is WebUnion invalidate!!!! this is a listed company to do??


urged the Kingsoft give an answer, a claim!!!

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