Angel investor Wang Lijie and the Human effort is the decisive factor., the most expensive!!!

millions of investors have recognized this sentence looks very Bullshit, but in the course of the implementation of the project investment is often the focus of attention on the matter rather than entrepreneurs who. Any final success of the project, it is bound to go through the test of a close call, the middle of each valley, is a test for entrepreneurs, but also a test for investors; intermediate every peak, or for entrepreneurs to test, test entrepreneurs how to understand this crest, will not go the mind will not rise; it is a test for investors, investors can continue to test whether the support team, rather than by cash and leave


of course, angel investment, the failure rate is far greater than the success, most of the project will lose everything, so when the small wave comes, there are cash ideas in the normal, on the one hand, need to give yourself a reward fund; or give yourself a stage performance to continue to consolidate the angel investment confidence; there is the really stayed too long, the fund management cycle cut-off, the need to return the funds to shareholders (LP)…

however, we count an account, if only 5% of the angel investment will gain great success, there are 10% projects will gain general success, it also means that the entire fund returns on the 15% projects to support, the other 85% will be cast to the wind. So, these 15% projects, in theory, support to the end of the shareholders can make the most return, quit while on the surface to 5 times, 10 times, but may miss the 100 or 1000 times… For example, IDG did Tencent A round, but in the B round sold to South Africa’s MIH, which is still the largest shareholder of Tencent.

so, my experience is that the company can once again bring out from the bottom of the entrepreneurs are excellent talents can withstand the test, in most cases, I think we should put more resources and patient allocation to this cockroach! Days will be great down, must suffer the labor of their bones… Experienced the test of life and death and more brave entrepreneurs, should belong to the 15%, if the investor is willing to continue to give maximum support, combined with the day, may belong to the 5%.

investors are investors, scattered everywhere; the entrepreneur is the real 100% investment to big business people, once we choose to trust, to believe in the end, not because of "days" and "stop" to change "and" doubt. I think, as long as the "people", "day" will always be. Because the "day" is the reincarnation, as long as the stick will have, "and" it is hard to find


how to judge "and" the problem? To know a lot of investors not only investment occupation acquaintance, also a large number of investment "stranger", especially the Internet developed, investment projects rampant today, many.

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