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fast pace of urban life so that more and more office workers around the company and home two points. Modern office automation makes us face the computer more time than any one person or thing. The number of Internet users in China has increased, and the online shopping boom has also increased rapidly. Some people will be shopping enthusiasm to the virtual network from the real transfer, especially a part of Indoorsman Indoorswoman, is the online shopping as a necessity of life.

in accordance with 08 years of data released by Taobao, its trading volume is impressive, but for the traditional industry sales data, its occupation is minimal. The future of e-commerce development potential is enormous, but whether the development of e-commerce is a way to abandon the traditional business, relying solely on the development of electronic it?.

The traditional

industry to further development under the new situation, it must be the traditional business into the development of electronic commerce, combine to achieve both and not out, I think this is an opportunity as well as a challenge for the traditional business. This is in keeping with the development of the current economic situation, the increasing number of online shopping in large part because of the fast pace of modern society, the whole society is busy, bring us the convenience of online shopping, shopping is not the traditional store can be compared. Online shopping has become the home of a respected family life. Currently online shopping has brought some pressure on traditional business, traditional business to grow and develop themselves, online commerce will become inevitable. In order to be in the new spending habits, a share of the cake in order to be bigger.

The current situation is

, Chinese online shopping concentration is very high, Taobao will occupy an online shopping trading volume of about 70%, while larger B2C website Dangdang and excellent market share is very low. Therefore, China’s online shopping market is one of the biggest missing is the traditional enterprise, China’s online shopping market, the role of B2C development is not sufficient, failed to play its due role. It is also seen that there are not many Chinese companies involved in this field, which greatly weakened the competitiveness of Chinese enterprises in the world market, giving up the field of e-commerce means to give up an important means of business.

Deletion of

Chinese B2C is not fully developed professional B2C website, there has been some enterprises and try to China awakening and growth of Internet issued years of business, but direct sales through the Internet on the whole traditional enterprise proportion is very low, the application level is the primary.

how can the traditional business e-commerce bigger piece of cake? Do a simple analogy, such as fingers, fingers together tightly, they became a powerful fist, if dispersed, each independent of the fingers, it will have much power? The reason is that it is self-evident that every single individual should realize the self upgrade, but only a single individual development and has formed the scale effect, the influence of how much


traditional business is such a development, Taobao as a third party platform, its accession >

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