The vertical B2C e-commerce website darling

              days ago, reporters held in the electronic commerce website Lasafo in Beijing the first supplier meeting learned that in the field of domestic e-commerce bubble began to appear at the same time, the development prospects are optimistic about the vertical B2C website.
it is understood that in the past three years, many domestic and foreign investment institutions have invested in the field of electronic commerce Chinese, Chinese venture capital funds invested a total of more than $1 billion to the electronic commerce industry. This is very similar to the U.S. e-commerce bubble in 1998, which also led to further competition in the field. However, contrary to the overall situation of e-commerce, with the continuous expansion of user demand, the development of vertical B2C site is good. Sequoia Capital Investment in 2008 to get the music bee network, in the past three years, the registered users from the development of the people in 2009 to nearly 4 million people now.

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