n the creation of the South Lake online network years

lasted 3 years, invested $100 thousand, the use of team members to maintain the 12, the achievements of the current Nanhu online. In Jiaxing local idle away in seeking pleasure as the starting point and focus, which involves the theme of entertainment, tourism, delicacy, fitness, beauty, wedding decoration, hotel eight theme, coverage area of South Lake district and Jiaxing District of Xiuzhou.

is currently a year and a half after the operation and development, has developed more than 3 thousand businesses, with a registered membership of 2000 people. The site is currently stable flow of about 2200pv-2800pv a day. The current annual profit of 6000 yuan / year. Jiaxing has become one of the important channels to understand local information.

come back to work after the venture is idle away in seeking pleasure preferred

2 days after returning from Shanghai, we immediately put into the construction and planning of the South Lake online portal platform. As for what to do at that time can not think of a good question.

Jiaxing, one of the two major cities in the city, he did not have the big Shanghai’s bustling, there is no gorgeous Hangzhou, it is a quiet behind the support of the development of these two small backyard. So for such a very ordinary city, in the end how to find business opportunities?

from the perspective of city development, city development bottleneck are more prominent, both resources and population, have suffered a hitherto unknown challenge, people urgently need a new place to let their good breathing space, enjoy the leisure of the sun. And this also provides unprecedented opportunities for the development of Jiaxing.

from the Shanghai two years of development, the development of Songjiang District and Jinshan District, are all revealed such business trends, living away from the central area, working in the central area, it will be a trend of the future development of Shanghai.

So in the

based on the above considerations and trend, we decided to idle away in seeking pleasure as the theme, to establish a match in the Jiaxing area of the local portal site idle away in seeking pleasure. And this site is Nanhu online.

three sub platform an exchange forum set up

The preliminary design of

online Nanhu theme consists of four sections, one is the business alliance information gathered in Jiaxing idle away in seeking pleasure, a classification of information is a native of Jiaxing, one is for business recruitment service industry recruitment website, the last one is gathering discounts online community idle away in seeking pleasure.

1, a business alliance: taking Jiaxing local businesses as the main line of the idle away in seeking pleasure business alliance website, currently involved in the industry, tourism, entertainment, delicacy, fitness, beauty, wedding decoration, hotel, etc.. Website to help businesses set up shop on the Internet, and one-stop web marketing services for the purpose of. Save the cost of manual management of the business site and time, eliminating the need for businesses to chat with customers to communicate with the time, eliminating the need for businesses to update online promotional activities, such as the release and management time, help >

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