Buy B2T can form fourth models of e-commerce in China

recently group purchase is very popular, but most people know what is called the group purchase, but do not clear what I gathered in the operation group purchase group purchase, when the network has been thinking what group purchase? At present, e-commerce in China widely accepted models of three kinds of B2B mode, B2C mode and C2C mode. But as in the international B2T group purchase group purchase, so the hot China can form fourth kinds of modes of electronic commerce. I get to buy B2T mode and B2B mode, B2C mode and C2C mode analysis to see whether the group can form a new model of e-commerce in China:

B2B (Business To Business) model, namely enterprise e-commerce marketing, domestic enterprises are currently on behalf of Alibaba, HC, Sheng, mainly for vertical industry websites. B2B model is China’s first successful e-commerce model, and the three major B2B companies have successfully listed, to the founder and investment institutions huge returns. The author analyzes the B2B in the four major causes of Chinese success: one is the B2B model can compensate for information between enterprises of electronic commerce, the early concept is to make both parties exchange information and reach a deal; two is the B2B mode with a clear profit model, enterprises pay for value-added services; three is the founder of B2B electronic enterprise the business of faith, whether or Ma Guo Fansheng, Sun Deliang is the early missionaries of electronic commerce China; four is the strong support of the government, considering the enterprise informatization level based on the Chinese government has always been committed to the business of electronic commerce. It is the four cause of B2B and.

C2C (Consumer to Consumer) mode, e-commerce between the individual and the individual which is based on the third party platform, the current domestic enterprises on behalf of Alibaba Taobao, Tencent, Baidu has ah pat. In this mode the author believes that the huge development space but Chinese (World) three Internet giants have entered, Three Kingdoms continued, Taobao is currently the dominant, but the Tencent with the aid of QQ pat, Baidu with the use Baidu Search care ah, together with Taobao to carve up the market that C2C is just a matter of time. C2C model in China belongs to an "dangerous, fun, do not enter any", want to enter the market of Internet companies will die. I can only look at, do not even want to think.

B2C (Business-to-Consumer) mode, that is, business to consumer e-commerce, the current domestic representative of Jingdong mall, Dangdang, Lining official shopping platform, etc.. For B2C, I think, a.B2C mode diversification: pure Internet Co model Jingdong mall, where Cheng and other giants also have online shopping platform for large business entities such as Lining, BELLE, more is not well-known e-commerce platform of small and medium sized enterprises. Two.B2C profit model is relatively clear, businesses in the sale of goods to customers directly cash earnings, stores and consumer understanding is popular.

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