Taobao train flow suction heart Dafa four strokes

seller, xixingdafa who do not want to have Duan Yu, for a lot of traffic into the store? In short, as long as through looking for fine words, with the optimization of quality score, timely add activity words and hot words of the four will naturally bring more traffic.

obsessed with the flow of the seller is always not open around the topic, as if the hero sad beauty off. For most of the small sellers, the train is undoubtedly the hope of their cited traffic. With the least amount of investment for the most effective, who presumably will not refuse this good thing, then, a variety of widely circulated through the trick. If one warrior posted a nearly all train report 10, will draw a worship. Of course, there is an enviable quality score does not mean anything, in the final analysis, the conversion is the key. So how to effectively provide the conversion rate? Simply, get through to find the word, with the optimization of the quality score, the timely addition of active words and hot words these four will be able to introduce more traffic.

find fine words, practice good internal strength

fine word, that is, precise words, such words have two benefits: flow accuracy and can have a good quality score. When we look for this kind of word, we can add the first word in the attribute dimension. Use this baby for example:

is looking for attribute dimensions before the first clear baby highlights are baby category: Women / ladies boutique > wool coat, and the core word "baby coat". After a clear understanding of these two points will be able to understand what attributes of this baby. Then use the search function to search the search function of these properties in Taobao search times and search ratio. Consider the seller’s time and energy are limited, the first batch of words plus about 100.


According to the statistics we obtained total

search these attribute words 935094 times, we give these words to do a percentage of planning, and the statistics of the number of dimensions roughly every attribute of. This time we can enter the second with the.

Killing with Kindness quality score.

how to do with the effective use of these words is the key. As everyone knows, the main factors influencing the quality score including relevant keywords is heading, attributes and related categories. Therefore, the so-called cooperation is the first to cooperate with these three related.


attributes related: we use the word is to expand the properties of the word, each word contains the attributes of the baby shelves, it is not difficult to meet this property.

Title: for example, to set up relevant pure cashmere / Korean cultivating in the long fur / wool coat as a title. This title contains all the attributes of the word in the word, but also contains the kernel of the baby

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