The Alipay spring to test the water O2O marketing alliance

O2O (OnlineToOffline) has become a new breakthrough to buy a website to find a breakthrough.

July 24th, Focus Media and Juhuasuan, Alipay official cooperation, test the water O2O marketing mode. The user can display in the Focus Media, with Alipay mobile phone client mobile phone film screen in the two-dimensional code, buy Juhuasuan to provide group purchase goods.

for this new marketing model, Focus Media CEO Jiangnanchun (micro-blog) said, from the brand orientation to promotional guide is a clear trend, the future or to put more energy to consumers to buy links directly to share the cost of sales, and not only is the marketing budget.

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It is reported that the Focus Media

, Alipay, and Juhuasuan cooperation brewing for about half a year. At present, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou and other 7 cities users have been able to use the service.

"electronic commerce current mainly concentrated in online consumption, tourism and leisure, and idle away in seeking pleasure and health, buy a home, rice grain and oil, fruit notes and other local life service needs innovation, the use of two-dimensional code Alipay payment scheme, 3 years is expected to open a magnitude billion market." Juhuasuan senior director Cheng Weiwen said. This is not only a combination of Focus Media and online platform for new initiatives, is also considered to be a platform to buy Juhuasuan services from online to offline an important part.

Jason Jiang said, in the advertisement is embedded in the two-dimensional code, and then through the mobile payment, users can learn more, also let the advertising effect quickly "under the traditional mode, from advertising to store real consumption, often through multiple hops, through this program, let consumers see the ads impulse at the same time, the formation of direct sales and payment."

Cheng Weiwen in an interview with the daily economic news reporter, said: at the beginning of our business is to provide a purely free service, the future expansion of the scale of the user, will consider the charges."

reporter learned that, as early as last July, the electricity supplier website shop No. 1 "commercial wall" appeared in the subway station such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other places, like the same picture on the shelves filled with all kinds of goods. From food to department stores, from computers to mobile phones. If you fancy a user of goods, just use the phone to download the palm shop 1, the application of the two-dimensional code below the commodity shooting, you can achieve readily purchased.

but not long after, in Shanghai metro line two, these two-dimensional code commodity wall has disappeared. Some people speculated that it may be because too few people will use, and very few people will stop buying specifically, leading to such advertising eventually exit.

industry insiders pointed out that the two-dimensional code based on the new shopping model, in the country is still in the initial stage of promotion, you want to do a comprehensive promotion time.

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