Sike War the traditional electricity supplier touted cloud providers mode

on the morning of 17, executive vice president of micro-blog released the 418 afternoon, at the same time with a long micro-blog, showing the two meaning between the lines. First, to the traditional business war, with traditional electricity supplier second, Sike in the end; accelerate the integration of online and offline, deepening cloud business model. Careful observation, from Li Bin micro-blog interpretation of some su Ningxin development direction.

Suning lock cloud business model

at the end of February this year, Suning held the spring deployment meeting, finally clear is the future direction of the development of Suning, electricity supplier + + retail shops service provider ", at the same time, Suning officially renamed Su Ningyun. From then on, Suning intends to make a difference to the retail model, the traditional electricity supplier, traditional retail and double electricity supplier, its own cloud business model is a two tier electricity supplier model upgrade. Imperceptibly between the electricity supplier being labeled as "traditional". At first it thought it was in the traditional retail, but as a rival label is the preferred means of marketing.

Suning started renamed Su ningyun, many people feel foggy, including the author, especially the "cloud", but after a series of marketing campaigns, Su ningyun model image seems clear. Suning to define cloud providers is "business + shop + retail service providers", it is also the layout of the line of two retail channels, while B and C class customer service, although the "cloud" is used up, it sounds harsh, but with the exception of the word, does not want to to better model can be summarized Suning word. For enterprise publicity, simply enter the attention of the mind is very important, not at that time, when Suning mode with "development" the fusion line is long and can not accurately summarize the Suning mode, so Suning mode will never be popular. For example, one of the "B2C", the electricity business will know that this is the "business to customer" means, Suning to the public is defined as "cloud business". In the future, as long as the cloud business two words, the user will probably know that this is the meaning of this is Suning do.

price war is to prove cloud business model

model transformation, the name is good, but there is no market performance and consumer recognition model and definition are nonsense, so a comprehensive transition period (the transition period including model transformation, business transformation) Suning urgently needs to demonstrate its mode to market success. The most effective means to make su ningyun quickly open market pattern is the price war, it is with the original Jingdong through a price war to determine the market position of similar business. On the surface, Suning is in the price war to seize market discourse, but in fact it is push through price war cloud business model. A new model always requires the recognition of the market and consumers, Suning is no exception.

in the 418, Li Bin micro-blog said the cloud providers and traditional electricity supplier one war "this sentence is particularly eye-catching,

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