511 online shopping festival detonated mother shellfish network lift million tickets together

in recent years, with the entry of Tmall and Suning, Jingdong and other comprehensive business platform, the domestic market was rapidly becoming electricity supplier mother of the Red Sea, the vertical electric business threatened by growing crises. Facing the business platform of the four directions, the country’s first social business platform of maternal shellfish network flank break, strong cut maternal and child online shopping market, industry to become a new bright spot.

recently, the reporter was informed that, as the domestic media predators CNR media joint strategic investment will prepare shellfish network in May 11th – May 15th, combined with Wyeth, curiosity, Kao, and many other well-known brands October mummy mother first launched "511 Bay Festival freaky games, and simultaneously launched the" million tickets at all "Pratt & Whitney project, started a comprehensive maternal online shopping market battle.

according to the shellfish network market sources said, after several months of preparation, Tony equipment section 511 freaky games are already ready, just waiting for the wind. As in the first big training shellfish network this year, Tony prepare network in addition to large-scale on-line current market selling goods, will also generous investment through exclusive, new starter, centralized procurement and other forms, launch more new products and quality, in order to meet the needs of the majority of the population has personalized consumption.

told reporters, "as the first wave of offensive Tony equipment section 511 freaky games", "million tickets together" was officially launched in May 7th, currently there are more than and 100 city users get Tony prepare coupons.

according to the shellfish network market, where in the period from May 7th to May 15th, users can not only obtain free coupons through the registration of shellfish network members, but also in the May 11th to May 15th period, through the purchase of 100 yuan of goods, once again get 100 yuan coupons.

it is reported that the order to pay for the convenience of consumers better fast, shellfish network currently has the largest domestic online payment instruments Alipay reached a strategic partnership. Who has Alipay account users can prepare shellfish network payment to buy any goods, no additional registration and the opening of any other means of payment.

industry sources, the annual 5, June are the mother and child online shopping season, but also an important period for the major domestic and foreign electricity suppliers compete for market share. This time, the first to start the "million shellfish network ticket volley" offensive, the overall leader in domestic maternal large electricity providers to promote the first bar, will inevitably lead to follow other maternal and child electricity supplier.

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