Jingdong exposes 90% warehouse is rented to people in the mountains


] December 24th news billion state power network, said Jingdong Asia one day before the project director Wang Yinxue, currently 90% of the Jingdong is rented warehouse.

Wang Yinxue said that Jingdong currently has 2 million 300 thousand square meters of self built warehouse, but because of China’s current construction warehouse approval process is too difficult, a logistics park built need to be 125 chapters, so the electricity supplier companies can only rent warehouse. Now several major electricity supplier logistics operations center, the vast majority are rented, last year’s data show that 70% of the rent.


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Jingdong Asia Project Director Wang Y x

in addition, Wang Yinxue said, including the current electricity supplier, third party logistics, real estate, government and investment institutions in the construction of electricity supplier logistics park, but only to do business enterprise logistics park is the future survival of the real. Do not aim for the logistics of electricity supplier logistics park are enclosure."

Wang Yinxue also talked about the following views: 1, the construction of electricity supplier logistics park has "three mountains": land, personnel and relevant laws and regulations. 2, logistics automation is a trend, but there must be a good rhythm control. 3, within three years there will be more than 1 million kinds of sorting capacity / day warehouse.

the following is the speech content:

Wang Yinxue: I am currently the director of Jingdong Asia project. Talk about several aspects.

look at a set of data: the next annual electricity supplier needs storage facilities, the need to increase ten million square. After 2017 the market is going down. Now electricity supplier logistics warehouse is the cheapest two thousand dollars a square, basically we are several large electricity providers, a project assets of more than one hundred million.

who is building electricity supplier logistics park, the four king kong. 1, the electricity supplier enterprise; the 2, the third party logistics, the real estate business; the 3, the government, the government will withdraw, but can not really quit; the 4, investment institutions.

electricity supplier companies to enter the logistics park, whether it is Jingdong or vip.com, which is the real demand. Developers, third party logistics companies, just a share. The government is the fame and fortune in it. All electricity suppliers to buy a piece of land to build a logistics park can be registered companies and then pay taxes. Then also attract investment. Investors and hungry.

from these four aspects, the electricity supplier companies do logistics park, in order to survive. We say, not for the purpose of logistics electricity supplier logistics park are enclosure. Beijing City Commission in charge of this, said the ban on the construction of logistics park project in Beijing, the construction of logistics facilities. Many companies in the front to buy the land, has not started on the affected.

electricity supplier logistics park to build a major obstacle: a lot of obstacles are now in charge of the Jingdong I encountered problems. Three mountains". 1, to the land resources are very tight, many places have no indicators. 2, people, I have a project, in order to meet the requirements of the government, I want to cover the warehouse 18, you see >

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