Crazy registered CN domain name multinational companies to build a protective ring

The frequent domain name, counterfeit counterfeit bank website incident triggered a chain reaction, the reporter learned that 20, Matsushita, Volkswagen and other multinational companies these days has registered hundreds of related CN domain name, have launched a domain name protection strategy in the China.

it is understood, and a multinational contrast is the protection awareness of domestic enterprises generally indifferent. At present, many enterprises have not yet realized the significance of China protection of domain name registration, often after being "phony" caused by the loss of regret, sometimes it is hard to recapture.


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this year just 1 months, CN domain name has two prices diving, first launched 70 yuan CN million net each domain 120 yuan, but this time is the introduction of the hitherto unknown each CN domain may be the price of 35 yuan, domestic several large CN domain name provider "dragged", price formation melee.

for this great price in mind, 35 Internet domain name protection is said to reduce the cost of enterprises or organizations. The industry believes that the 35 Internet to do so there is a benefit, that is, to attract companies after the registration of the domain name of the website construction, online marketing and other services also to the 35 internet. (He Wenhua)

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