SAC the drafting of the electronic commerce act, the introduction of time is still needed

Beijing News (reporter Liao Ailing) the vicious competition, hacker attacks, Navy abuse, to first-tier cities send two or three line city genuine fake…… The State Administration for Industry and Commerce on the afternoon of 24 specially convened 12 national enterprise network held a 2 hour network supervision forum, encounter online violent attacks and unfair competition network companies Tucao most problems.

Liu Hongliang, director general of the State Administration for Industry and commerce market, said

, the problem of the Internet market is the focus of public attention, the recent focus on some of the rules of the network will be modified to improve, the second half of the implementation. At the same time, but also on the universality of the existing problems of the network and the announcement, focused on special rectification.

At present, there is no legal system for e-commerce in China

. Liu Hongliang said this, China’s e-commerce law has been included in the NPC Financial and Economic Committee, the Legislative Council of the legislative agenda, is drafting. However, legislation is a long process, it will take a long time to formally introduce.

and the online "occupation fake vulnerability by grey Liu Hongliang believes that a fake people to avoid the legal occupation is not illegal, online there are quality or service non-standard place, enterprises will not wronged, oneself should do.


fakes rampant

two or three lines to the city to send fake

in order to find out effective methods to regulate the trading order, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce invited Tencent, Alibaba, Jinshan, millet,, Baidu and other 12 well-known enterprises to participate in the network forum, wants to listen to them on the current network status is what view order. As a result, companies have complained of "bitter".

fake, consumers are unable to network enterprise impossible to guard against. Le bee network CEO Wang Licheng pointed out that a lot of fake cosmetics from Guangdong, a fake Estee Lauder cost only 10 yuan. The seller is mixed with sell, and more and more "smart", they will even according to the user’s information, IP address "to judge the city, first-tier cities buyers to send goods, two or three line city consumers send fake", because the two or three line city consumers may not used, do not know what it is like.

online violence

hacker network attacks Navy abuse

network companies also point to an increasing number of online unfair competition. Vice president of Kingsoft Internet security group and CEO Fu Sheng said rudely, Jinshan was repeatedly competitors "bottom line attack", the "golden hill" into "Montenegro" user installed Kingsoft products have also been forced to dismount, some opponents also engage in online examination, with a browser examination is 100 no, this is 50 points, to mislead the consumer very deep.

"the network violence need remediation specification", CEO Wang Licheng are disgusted.

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