Su ningyun Transformation Zhang Jindong loaning push full ownership plan

October 9th, Su ningyun announced that 528 million yuan ESOP has been completed.

this means that obtain ownership of Su ningyun employees from more than a "Su Ning shareholders. Their interests, will also be more closely tied with the company.

"this is a talent strategy." Analysys think tank analyst Wang Xiaoxing on twenty-first Century Economic Herald reporter said, Su ningyun is big efforts to conduct Internet transformation, the introduction of employee stock ownership plan is to stay and attract talent.

Wang also believes that Su ningyun chose this time node launched, also shows that the company has a certain confidence in performance. "Now the stock price is relatively low." Wang Xiaoxing said that the loss of the two quarter of the business of Su Ningyun narrowed, the transition is still good, is expected to have a good performance in the three quarter.

Zhang Jindong loaning 396 million

in the general meeting of shareholders by the employee stock ownership plan after the resolution, Su ningyun within a week to complete the implementation of.

program shows that the employee stock ownership plan does not exceed 10% of the total share capital of the company, the shares of the shares held by any employee holding shares corresponding to the number of shares does not exceed the company’s total share capital of 1%.

as of September 30th, the employee stock ownership plan management through the secondary market to buy securities two way to complete the purchase of shares. Purchase quantity of 61056374 shares, accounting for the proportion of the company’s total share capital of 0.83%, the purchase price is $8.63 / share.

the actual total amount of the employee stock ownership plan is 528 million yuan, including self financing, borrowings and bank interest in the three part. The loan refers to the controlling shareholder of the company, Zhang Jindong to hold part of its su ningyun shares to obtain funds for securities pledge financing, providing support to the ESOP loan.

according to the previous plan, part of the loan and the proportion of self financing part of 3:1. In accordance with the 528 million yuan of funds, Jindong need loaning 396 million yuan.

"this is disguised employee benefits." Wang Xiaoxing twenty-first Century economic news reporter, for example, other Internet Co have a similar situation, such as Alibaba issued to employees without interest loans to buy a house.

The equity incentive plan of

and Su ningyun launched in August 2010, the ESOP coverage. According to the plan, no more than 1200 the total number of employees participate in the employee stock ownership plan, in addition to the senior management personnel, including serious physical level manager, information technology staff and the company with special contributions.

, which means that the company’s online and offline employees have the opportunity to benefit from the stock ownership plan is conducive to the implementation of the company’s transformation strategy." Goldman Sachs Gao Hua Securities Research Report analysis.

research report also said that the company’s logistics, user experience, etc.

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