The little pig named domain to sell 880 thousand buyers also need to polish his eyes

.Com,.Net, small pig pig pig small.Cn, a small golden pig "series of Chinese domain name in the Taobao online shouted 88.888888 yuan price. The seller claims to donate ten percent of his income to the Xuzhou charity foundation. Taobao said that buyers should be careful when buying.

88 million yuan only to discuss color

seller on the web page, the domain name Chinese mainly for customers is the birth of "baby pig": "this is the first gift to the baby’s parents, in the future you can put the baby drop growth record here, people all over the world can see." In addition to the 3 "golden pig" series of domain names, domain name: pet pig pig.Cn, also offer up to 888 thousand and 888 yuan.

reporter to the customer to call the seller zhou. According to him, a few days before the Spring Festival, he went to the professional domain name trading site to register the domain name, domain name registration fee is not high, each year 75 yuan to 180 yuan price: "just want to get a good mouth color, the specific price negotiable." In addition, the validity of the domain name only 1 years after the buyer can renew, can keep the domain name.

do not worry baby can not sell

Although the

page information display, so far no one bid, but Mr. Zhou said, the buyers are willing to pay 5000 yuan to buy the domain name as a gift to my girlfriend, but Mr. Zhou did not agree: "one could not agree on the price, and I also hope that the buyer is pig baby."

is confident of Mr. Zhou "goods" appreciation of space: "many stars this year are going to have a baby, maybe someone willing to splurge." As for the small pig domain, can sell small pig research company, certainly not lose the.

worth mentioning is that Mr. Zhou said the proceeds will be donated 1/10 of the domain name donated to the Xuzhou charity foundation. He said, willing to accept supervision, and never go back.

buyers need to polish his eyes

Taobao stakeholders believe that the price of the domain name is not illegal trading platform, but buyers still need to polish eyes. To ensure the safety of transactions, expiration date, must first find out the domain name registration mode, to provide the correct password in the confirmation of each other, the use of the Alipay deal.

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