Jingdong joint venture with Kyushu joint medical platform is about to be on the line

Beijing daily news (reporter Wang Cuiyi) pharmaceutical retail enterprises Jointown days before the announcement that the Jingdong intends to hold all the Beijing good pharmacist pharmacy chain limited equity transferred to kyushu. This means that Liu Qiangdong’s equity cooperation between Jingdong and Kyushu pass an end. But Jingdong seems to have done two hands. It is said that Jingdong proprietary medical platform will soon be on the line.

Kyushu announced that the equity transfer price based on market pricing, and did not meet the company’s latest audited net assets of 10%, and has been approved by the board of directors. The announcement also said that the transfer of ownership, and the Jingdong signed a good pharmacist business "strategic cooperation agreement", both business cooperation between both sides remain unchanged in the field of medicine health products e-commerce business alliance is an important long-term strategic partnership, will still play the advantages of resources.

Beijing Chinese commercial news reporters saw, Jingdong home on Jingdong good pharmacist entrance has disappeared. Good pharmacists in Jingdong in the form of flagship store. For the change of equity, the Jingdong responded that the two sides by the joint venture into business strategic partnership, Jointown as Jingdong open platform settled merchants, will form a long-term strategic partnership with Jingdong, the change of equity business will not have an impact on both sides. At the same time, Jingdong also said that the recent introduction of the newly established pharmaceutical electricity supplier project Jingdong pharmaceutical city".

November 2003, Kyushu through the establishment of a wholly owned subsidiary of the investment good pharmacist. July 2011, Jingdong shares into the field of medical e-commerce pharmacists. One drug and medical equipment procurement, warehousing, distribution will be responsible for Kyushu, Jingdong advantage of the platform to provide support for Beijing kyushu.

perhaps in order to strengthen the control of good pharmacists, in February of this year, there is news that Jingdong hopes to 49% of the shares to increase to 51%, but due to the failure to reach agreement. At that time, the former CEO Cui Wei has left a good pharmacist network, good pharmacists online by Jointown sent executives Caifen Li took over.

in the industry view, non proprietary business is the focus of the development of major electricity supplier platform, but also to the quality of the enterprise to bring new challenges control. Prior to the industry came Jingdong intends to increase the stock of good pharmacists, I am afraid that Jingdong also want to strengthen the control of non proprietary business, enhance the influence of the platform.

statistics show that last year, the total market size of pharmaceutical electricity supplier industry about 1 billion 600 million yuan. By 2015, this figure is expected to reach 15 billion yuan.

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