Happy 9, Zhejiang venture capital 100 million yuan investment, a community care service industry the

August 13, 2014, home-based care services Weichuang International’s happy No. nine get Zhejiang venture capital 100 million yuan investment, after this round of investment, happiness nine valuation or nearly $2 billion, which represents the elderly industry O2O mode began to gain the favor of capital, but also become a happy nine home community endowment service industry in the use of Internet technology change business models to maximize the investment company when the pen.

since the first half of this year, well-known venture capital institutions Zhejiang venture capital made a series of investment layout of the O2O industry, only in the past three months, has invested I love my family (Home Furnishing building network), Huimin network, Fortis card O2O innovative consumer surplus and other items. Zhejiang venture capital chairman Chen Yuemeng said: "2014-2015 will be O2O innovative consumer the best investment in the field of the window period, grasp the current round of investment opportunities investment institutions will be in the new round of competition to seize the commanding heights." The number nine is also inject happiness Zhejiang venture in the O2O field of pension and health industry is another core layout.

(left happy No. 9 chairman Wang Zhen, chairman Chen Yuemeng venture Zhejiang, Zhejiang Venture Partners Fund O2O Liu Yu


is the only record of happiness No. nine is a focus on the elderly healthy living services enterprises, after several years of business, has more than 2500 community service shop in 2013, the only record founder Wang Zhen Wang Lei brothers led the entrepreneurial team began the transformation of the Internet, improvement of the existing 2500 stores, the family must FMCG straight origin for the elderly, the use of spare time to pick up shop to solve the distribution problem of O2O electricity supplier in the last 1 kilometers, the expansion of the original old consumer category formed by family necessities for the core consumer consumer stickiness. Second, the establishment of happiness nine —- old Disneyland". Through the establishment of an annual fee as the core of the elderly large community social center, to meet the needs of the elderly leisure, entertainment, fitness, health and other needs, and gradually form a social center for the elderly user stickiness. At the same time, happy nine online mall and mobile Internet Mall, social, gaming and other online platforms to fully interact with the next line, forming a strong online traffic entrance, to form a good interaction with the next line, the rapid expansion of the number of users, the formation of the ecological system.

(9 — old Disneyland happy int


it is understood, so far the happiness No. nine has been in three city opened a number of physical therapy services, set more than 5000 square meters of social entertainment, and health products store fancies of men of letters as one of the major health paradise, while older members can enjoy dancing, singing, playing chess, playing mahjong, foot massage therapy etc. all free entertainment services inside. The financing to provide a strong financial backing for the happiness of the number nine in the home-based care services O2O big stores open up the field. In accordance with the plan of happiness nine chairman Wang Zhen, " happiness number ", the goal is to build a large country like this in one and a half years in the country by the 100

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