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xinhuanet.com July 19 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Yang Na) this year with "Internet plus" action plan, in all walks of life to actively embrace the Internet, government and enterprises as the main force to promote the upgrading of traditional industries. Insiders pointed out that the rapid development of the "Internet plus" will help the cross-border electricity supplier, but to solve the credit mechanism and the problem of talents, improve the international competitiveness of domestic enterprises.

recently released the "State Council on promoting" Internet plus "action guidance", one of the electronic commerce ranked 11 key actions, and emphasized to strengthen international cooperation in e-commerce, encourage the development of various types of cross-border e-commerce service providers, to expand the global economic and trade cooperation.

Asian financial cooperation alliance vice president Zhang Jun in the 2015 "Yalian information held shortly before the The Belt and Road" strategy and the development of cross-border electricity supplier summit pointed out that cross-border electricity supplier is expected in 2016 will account for about 25% of total import and export.

, especially for large cross-border transactions B2B business, the need to pay more attention to the issue of trade risk." Zhang Jun said that cross-border electricity supplier is a blue ocean market, but the premise is to solve the problem of trade credit insurance. Trade insurance mechanism is mainly based on credit system management and credit limit control two channels. The current cross-border electricity supplier in the establishment of the credit system requires the participation of domestic and foreign banks, insurance and other parties to improve the credit mechanism of enterprises, in good faith to ensure the development of a healthy cross-border electricity supplier.

Huo Jianguo, former president of the Institute of international trade and economic cooperation of the Ministry of Commerce believes that the premise of the rapid development of cross-border electricity supplier is to solve the problem of the level of service trade background. For example, open up the infrastructure The Belt and Road along the country will drive these countries to share the development of e-commerce results. The potential of cross-border electricity supplier is very large, the key is to create a good competitive environment for the government to solve the electricity supplier fake and shoddy and integrity issues."

in addition, companies need to improve international influence and competitiveness. Huo Jianguo pointed out that China’s current lack of a large multinational well-known multinational companies, not only can promote business expansion, but also promote the benefit, enhance China’s international influence; two is the high-end talent, especially the internationalization of technical and management personnel. On the one hand, we need to actively introduce overseas students, on the other hand, we should improve the competitiveness of domestic talent.

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