35 billion brush before the double 11 brush Corps is ready

[introduction] in fact, not only is the double 11, Tmall and Taobao seller scalping has never stopped, but Ma Yun repeatedly raised the Beatdown, failed to curb the crazy brush single seller.


35 billion 19 million, this is a refreshing Alipay turnover once again proved this year 11 is still belong to Ali feast. However, this is a high-profile publicity Ali astronomical figures, but because of the single brush cast a shadow of water. However, Ali has denied the existence of a reporter brush case.

in fact, not only is the double 11, Tmall and Taobao sellers brush has never stopped, and Ma Yun (micro-blog) repeatedly raised the killing rod, have not been able to contain the seller’s crazy brush. This shows that the seller in addition to the brutal survival of the Ali platform, but also reflects the electricity supplier has been known as the myth of the potential dilemma facing ali.

35 billion there is no moisture

like the article declares that "double 11 hour Tmall sold 2 million underwear, even up to 3000 km long" micro-blog make it have questioned whether the false propaganda, the myth of a new round of electricity providers announced soon began to question by data injection, and sell home to become single brush the main reason of the public questioned.

in the double 11 period, one after another Tmall store was found to have the same ID repeatedly to purchase more than the same product brush sales situation. One example is widespread, Tmall AK men’s flagship store sales records, letters and asterisks consisting of several ID repeatedly purchased the same the Menswear Shop 3999 yuan, 9999 yuan price of dozens of single.

high rate of return has also been seen as a proof of the seller to buy from sell single brush. Data from the China industry research network shows that this year, the return rate of 11 pairs of online shopping goods has reached 25%, some businesses and even up to 40%.

news, Tmall itself has also caught a part of the seller. November 11th the same day, chi chi clothing franchise stores, such as the aesthetic flagship store, a number of participating in the promotion of the seller 11 pairs, on suspicion of scalping and Tmall was off the shelf.

but Ali does not recognize the existence of a single brush case. Alibaba told reporters clear, double 11 there is no single brush, there are rumors of alleged store brush treatment also is not true, "if there is, Tmall will be released." As for the return, he admitted that there must be some, but the proportion is certainly not so high online rumors, but also need further confirmation."

"35 billion number, there must be a certain amount of water, because there is a single brush component exists, but the proportion of this piece is not very large." Received a lot of double 11 single brush broke the news, Shenzhen electric Agel Ecommerce Ltd senior electricity supplier founder Gong Wenxiang believes that even taking into account the water problem, Ali real transaction data is at least three billion. >

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