WeChat electricity supplier secret 3 mainstream play

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over the past 1 years, WeChat has become the most important channel electricity supplier.

I think the traditional sellers circle of friends play is to eat the first wave of dividends, is a small business money approach, but now, this play has been OUT, with more and more large manufacturers, instead of the 3 mainstream new gameplay:

1, micro shop era of independent platform model, the core of this model is channel sales. Sellers circle of friends just past small business to grow, not only through the third party development WeChat store, but also must have a perfect marketing chain. In this regard, the typical case is a number of sensitive FMCG companies, such as selling clothes, selling fresh, selling mask company.

2, line line under the O2O mode, the core of the model is on the line on channel development. August 2013, WeChat 5 to join the payment function. Almost at the same time, whether small businesses rely on electronic business platform, or big companies like Lenovo, ZTE have noticed a phenomenon: the user to the mobile terminal, which WeChat has become open rate and residence time were very long super App, operators have applications in their beginning embedded in all kinds of the public accounts.

This is a typical case of

: 2013 November Lenovo, Lenovo division digital marketing director Zhao Haisheng found WeChat responsible person, talked about the micro mall construction planning — in the public account Lenovo service "add" stores "column, around the Lenovo dealer can join and get a display position. At the beginning of December, Lenovo vice president Chen Xudong as the main person in charge of the "Asahi de stuff – grab" as the opening of the first WeChat store in front of. Lenovo side with WeChat’s team to develop underwriting, while in the country called dealers, 1 and a half months, the 2000 places on the full." Zhao Haisheng said. Today, Lenovo has not only a number of service accounts, but also have launched a yuan Qing shop, all shops and other characteristics of micro shop. Wang Xiaoguang, chairman of a group of North China, a huge challenge store by the Internet, sometimes a shop every day on the sale of two or three machines, but the WeChat shop can sell dozens of taiwan.

3, customer service platform model. This model is the core of customer service and channel sales. This is a typical case of millet, millet is probably the most fans of the market in the company, and the above two partial marketing channel mode is different, millet is taken by the fans is the mode of customer service platform, activity, satisfaction and loyalty of users as the first attribute, went to the platform, and sell products. This is a slow type, but the most powerful energy, but also more in line with the attributes of the WeChat platform.

social electricity supplier is not the essence of diversion, but interactive.

for traditional enterprises, how to embrace the electricity supplier WeChat? What is your most headache

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