Global network network pushing its own brand Groot won the Jingdong pin

July 12th news, yesterday, Jingdong Beer Festival ended, 5 days of promotion during the summer and the European Cup set off a wave of beer rush. It is understood that during the event, the German beer Grote Gloryt import network network’s Jingdong sells goods sales platform liquor orders first, be worthy of the name imported beer camp in the popular star of a single product.


million open industry evaluation new model of panic buying "

days ago, just after the release of Jingdong beer liquor sales report, network network to more than one million Gloryt ecological Grote beer in the number of day, selling 10 thousand sets, five consecutive days sales ranked first grade top sales champion. There is no doubt that the Grote Gloryt success among the heady imported beer items in the ranks of

this summer!


network network won the "Jingdong Grote beer" wine sales champion


Jingdong 1 yuan please people of Beijing beer tasting wine industry "has become the largest number of the largest number of users to participate in the evaluation activities, to create a new model of industry evaluation. According to statistics, the average per second Jingdong platform sold 2.77 sets of Grote 1 yuan tasting suit, were sold out within 1 hours per day million grote.

during the event, 4 beer "Groot glory · white wheat beer", "the conquest of · black beer", "brilliant · wheat black beer", "crazy · strong beer with pure taste, personalized image packaging, quickly conquered the public eye and taste buds, caused the people of Beijing crazy sun. "Eco tasting group" members in response to Liu Jianhong "Colonel" call, have the sun out of himself and "moustache" grut photo, very interesting. During the event, Grote Gloryt with word of mouth ring powder good many.


Gloryt Grote beer: glory, conquest, madness, brilliant

it is understood that the grout is pure wheat beer from Germany Mannheim, from the original bottle of imported wine net net, the brewing process and strictly abide by the standards of 1516 "beer purity law", quality and taste very characteristic of German origin.

in marketing, grut sitting on huge ecological resources, brand occasion hot nowadays, the European Super Cup and other music as sports sports resources, build a strong ecological sports "beer brand beer + sports IP. In the network network and music as sports together, have a strong ecological sports Grote gene, is focused on creating a global network network to its own brand.

Jingdong, music as the first joint sports ecological flavor aura show

the latest news, July 20th, network network will join Internet Jingdong, LETV sports three strong camp officially opened Grote Gl>

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