Founder Securities Tmall shop financial products sales trend

Beijing News (reporter Wu Min) the stock consultants can also see electronic business platform to buy? Yesterday for the first time early adopters of the domestic brokerage business. Founder Securities yesterday opened a flagship store in Tmall, the sale of a variety of services, including investment consulting, software tools and information services. Previously there are banks, insurance companies to test the water electricity supplier sales, investors can get through the electricity supplier channels of financial products.

What does

securities sell on Tmall?


page, Founder Securities Tmall store to sell products, not only low prices to 20 yuan of prescription and a monthly lunch review SMS ", also has the value of 15980 yuan a year Stephen quantitative investment decision consultant software.

in addition, there is an appointment on the page to open an account, margin trading and other services, but these services are limited to regulatory requirements can not be carried out.

Founder Securities retail business general manager Yuan Hai said, the current sales information products (SMS, MMS, conference call form), tools (arbitrage trading software and software) and advisory services, planning for the future extension to the financing and financial products sales. Prior to 2012 from the beginning of July, Founder Securities in their own online platform to sell the same product, half an income of about 5000000 yuan.

Founder Securities is the first to set up shop in Tmall securities company. But yesterday, a number of brokerage firms said, is currently planning similar business.

brokerage is more optimistic about the business opportunities of non live account after the release, the off-site account means the brokerage accounts and product sales are no longer subject to geographical limitations, can grab customers and sell products in the country to fight through the internet. He Yagang, vice president of Founder Securities, said the cooperation with the electricity supplier is conducive to seize the opportunity to open off-site accounts.

in January this year, China securities registration Clearing Corp on the securities account off-site account details of the implementation of the regulations for public comment, off-site account opening business soon.


financial products electricity supplier sales trend

financial industry is not the first case of the use of electricity providers, but had only tried to banks, insurance companies. After the Pacific Insurance, Guohua life insurance company has been in Tmall to sell insurance. Previously reported data show that the number of Taobao to sell insurance sunrise has more than 5 million, in December last year, Kuo Hua life insurance Taobao Juhuasuan has been sold for $101 million for the past 3 days.

, China Everbright Bank and other banks also started selling deposits and gold bullion in the electronic business platform. In addition, a number of fund companies in the electricity supplier platform is also close to open shop.

but for investors, payment security is an important consideration.

from the current financial industry in the electricity supplier sales of products, most of the products are applicable to small payments. Prices ranging from tens of dollars to several thousand dollars, but not more than 10000 yuan. >

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