The second-hand car business dilemma do not burn burn will die can not live

every reporter Ding Zhouyang

O2O, the capital of winter, the second-hand car electricity providers still burn wayward. Since the second half of 2015, the second-hand car electricity supplier seems to be packed with people’s eyes overnight. And a number of second-hand car electricity supplier executives told the daily economic news reporter, hit hundreds of millions of dollars of advertising fees crazy phenomenon, 2016 will continue. Can burn behind, is the penetration of less than 10% and the overall profitability of the industry pattern.

In the case of

are also maintained? Various modes of battle, who will stay in the end? Online and offline second-hand car dealers and how the relationship between? The reporter interviewed a number of practitioners, the present and future of second-hand car business.

in recent years, the overwhelming second-hand car electricity supplier advertising, has never been so intensive outbreak.

"split the user’s mind, for our brand." Everyone car co-founder Du Xiyong told the daily economic news reporter, this kind of magical brainwashing function, is the purpose of second-hand car electricity supplier advertising. When there are second-hand car trading needs of customers can think of second-hand car electricity supplier, this ad has played a role.

2015, the second-hand car electricity supplier burn money on advertising, a total of more than 800 million yuan, in 2016 this figure will be expanded. In 3 months, the melon used car almost put the advertising of $300 million, we also intend to put on 2016 1 billion yuan." Melon used car sales director Huang Town on the daily economic news reporter said.

but iResearch consulting released in 2015 China’s second-hand car e-commerce industry research report shows that the proportion of second-hand car electricity supplier accounted for the proportion of total industry turnover (ie permeability) is still less than 10%. Still in the early stages of development and exploration.

burn behind the second-hand car business still could not escape the pattern but not yet profitable dilemma. With the industry’s words, the need to obtain the presence of O2O by the upstart to brush advertising, if you do not burn will lose at the starting line, and burn may not be able to survive.

industry has begun to shift to 2C mode

carefully want to come, not all of the used car electricity providers are wantonly advertising, in fact, spend heavily hit advertising on the 3: excellent letter second-hand car, all cars, seeds used car." Du Xiyong on the daily economic news, said.

July 2015, excellent letter used car detonated the first ad war, to 30 million yuan astronomical shoot China good voice, the first four seasons champion announced the first 60 seconds of advertising, the transaction price is higher than in 2014 nearly three times. In September, the car was renamed the second-hand car market to sell seeds straight, and high-profile shout out "the individual owners directly sold the car to individual buyers, no middlemen make the difference". November, Huang Bo endorsement of all car advertising throughout the streets.

it is understood that the excellent letter of this round of advertising in 400 million ~5 billion yuan, melon seeds is ~3 billion yuan, the car is $50 million per person. > and

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