Zuckerberg’s advice to entrepreneurs starting a business as a hobby rather than an achievement


Facebook co-founder CEO Mark · Zuckerberg Y Combinator attended the day before graduation in Sifutan University sponsored annual Startup School ceremony, he and YC founder Paul · Graham were one of the pioneering talk.

Y Combinator annual entrepreneurship school graduation ceremony is to allow programmers to acquire skills and motivation, and then to create their own company’s Silicon Valley event. Interestingly, from the beginning, Zuckerberg stressed that he had no intention of Facebook into a large company, which he called "a project".

entrepreneurship as a hobby rather than make money

"I started to create Facebook’s purpose is very simple, because I want to make the Harvard University alumni to communicate more easily, it was only a small audience of a tool." He said, "I eat pizza with a friend almost every night, we help each other to solve the problem of computer science. Then I remember telling him about Facebook, and he thought it was a really cool thing for the alumni."

Zach told his friends that he thinks Facebook has a huge potential, not just for the Harvard University student market. But he never thought that Facebook could do today. Zach said: "I think a lot of times, some people may find the potential, but these people can not be us. Microsoft or other large software companies are more likely."

Facebook is now a market value of about $40 billion 700 million (as of U.S. stocks closed) multinational technology companies, the number of users of the social giant has exceeded 1 billion this month.

Zuckerberg said he believes that the ultimate success of a great company can not be separated from the beginning of the gradual progress of entrepreneurship. He hoped that entrepreneurs can one step at a time, not from the very beginning with great ambition and determination.

he described today of rapid start-up companies in terms of the development of the user said: "when Facebook got 100th million users really incredible to us, because we feel that everything came too fast."

when the hatch like Y company like Combinator is today can even accept a no business model of the entrepreneurial team, Zach said "it is a great progress, because entrepreneurs will be more passionate rather than to start holding the ‘big money’ idea".

I’ve learned so much to tell me that it’s hard for you to decide to start a company." He said, "I never wanted Facebook to be

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