Daily trading volume of 626 million yuan Taobao retail Hongkong

from Taobao data show that in October 9th the same day, Taobao single day transaction volume reached 626 million yuan, that is, the day to complete the transaction of $434 thousand and 700 per minute on Taobao.

according to the latest data released by the Hongkong SAR government, in August this year, the average daily retail sales of 644 million yuan in Hongkong. Taobao.com day trading retail shopping paradise Hongkong press. Domestic mainstream consumer online shopping and network goods to accelerate the brand presents a huge force, the network has become a hot social consumer goods, online shopping has become the mainstream shopping model.

on the other hand, the mainstream brand network marketing is a major brand manufacturers must transition model. News from Taobao mall, said Taobao mall has more than 50 stores reached a monthly sales of $1 million level. In September this year, Taobao mall turnover increased by 25% over the previous year in August, which is the traditional offline retail stores can not do the growth.

800 million people a day flow

it is worth noting that October 9th is the National Day mid autumn golden week after the first day, major retailers had just experienced the golden week, traditionally this is a year in the retail industry is one of the few days of light. However, Taobao online retail but again high.

from 0:00 on October 9th to 11 in the morning, an average of more than 16 million people per hour on Taobao traffic. Between 12 noon to 17 p.m., Taobao per hour flow of more than 50 million people, the evening of the day to reach the peak flow of 21 people, there are 64 million people visited the Taobao within 1 hours. October 9th day, there are nearly 800 million people visited the Taobao. Nearly 800 million people for Taobao traffic volume of $626 million, creating a new record in the history of China’s online shopping the highest daily turnover.

sales of goods from the point of view, the day of the Taobao women’s close to 60 million yuan turnover became the sales champion, followed by cosmetics and household goods.

Total sales of

Hongkong SAR government recently released the 2009 August Hongkong area retail 22 billion 700 million Hong Kong dollars, converted to RMB 19 billion 976 million yuan, calculated by the day, Hongkong’s average daily retail sales of 644 million yuan, 626 million yuan a day Taobao retail turnover has pressed Hongkong.

is concerned about the trend of the rise and fall: Hongkong in 2009 the total retail sales fell 1% over the same period in 2008, Taobao in October 9th, the transaction volume of $626 million, an increase of $170% in August.

iResearch senior analyst Zhang Yanping said that the rise of online shopping in the two or three line of the city is a traditional anti Taobao retail business rules, creating a new key to the domestic online shopping.

Zhang Yanping analysis, which means that online shopping has become the mainstream of the mainstream consumer spending patterns, naturally become the main channel to stimulate domestic consumption market.

Taobao mall 50 stores sold over

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