Clothing shop tips do not go pure commercial route

online clothing store market high margin, but the competitive environment is also quite fierce. Want to stand out in the tens of thousands of clothing sellers, is not a simple thing. But that is only about selling more to sell less, the novice can always make money is no doubt.

if you want to do, it is bigger, use your head to see how the buyers are attracted by the tea than anything else, is her story and customer service service two weapon.

tea, when her sophomore shop, and the shop is not as a business to do. It is the relationship between the original study of literature, like the mood to write articles on the shop, many buyers not only to buy clothes, but also like to see the article, the results of the 50% people back into a repeat. These buyers think shopping in the tea shop is a kind of enjoyment, prices are not too concerned about.

for home support

tea shop, do full-time also did not start the. She also tried to do in Budweiser and other large companies, but the time is very short, due to the relationship between the characters, do not feel fit. Finally decided to put all their energy on the shop.

tea, to do a good job shop, home support is very important. Shop is very trivial, it is difficult for a person to take all the work. So the support and help of the family will have a very big help to the early development of the shop. However, most of the graduates do not agree with the family shop, think that such work is not stable. Fortunately, the tea parents are more democratic, despite the opposition, but also agreed to the practice of tea. The work of persuasion is estimated to cost a lot of thought.

tea love new things, like her online shop attitude. In the online shop for two and a half years she has big sellers online clothing industry, she also wants to continue to expand the net shop, but the shop or brand agent of these old routines are not to her taste. She has been a monthly income of over ten million, is involved in a more interesting plan, but the online mood story and after-sales service is still a weapon two core magic.

business secret: do not go pure commercial route

I’m afraid it’s

does not pass on the internet. Especially in the fierce competition on the Internet, adding some human breath can help retain customers. The tea seller happened to be aware of this point.

tea had to learn the love of literature, writing, she set up a bulletin board in his shop, not only have some key information of buyers also released 3 times a day, told the whereabouts of their people. For online buyers, tea is also set up a special message board, who is what things can be in the above message. There are problems can also get a reply. Other buyers can understand the situation through the message board, but also can serve as a platform for communication between friends.

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