The domain name speculators are not optimistic. Chinese temporarily domain name called CNNC publici

webmaster network reported on October 22nd: the majority of domain name investors said in an interview with reporters, their short term is not optimistic. Chinese "domain name, and called on the Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) to strengthen market promotion.


domain name speculators think, in accordance with the current pace of development, "China." domain name is difficult to appear as unpopular situation like the.Cn domain name, if CNNIC do not take strong market strategy, "China." domain name may only remain at the theoretical level.


domain name speculators think, CNNIC in addition to the need to strengthen the "Chinese. Outside the" domain of advertising, should also increase the domain of business development work, such as cooperation with the browser vendors, Sina, and other large Sohu to persuade website tag enabled. Chinese "domain name.

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domain name speculators, they will not in the short term. "Chinese" domain name listed as the focus of investment, but will still buy appreciation potential. "China" domain name.

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CNNIC introduced, they have to start ". Chinese" domain name upgrades that all registered " Chinese;.Cn" domain name users will automatically receive the corresponding " Chinese. China; " domain name, without prior registration, to be ". After Chinese" domain name into the global root domain name system automatically obtained, all " Chinese. China " domain name, will be synchronized to the global root domain name system.

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