Dangdang intends to set up an independent courier company to open an open platform logistics

February 21st morning news, dangdang.com announced is currently working to lead the formation of a dangdang.com controlled Distribution Services Ltd, will build an open platform independent and efficient logistics, provide goods storage, sorting and packaging COD delivery service for e-commerce enterprises. At present, the platform technology development and company registration has been basically completed, is in the technical testing phase.

"the development process of dangdang.com more than and 10 years has accumulated rich experience in logistics management and logistics resources, how these resources into the electronic commerce industry of public resources, so that the majority of e-commerce enterprises to share the resources, so that these newly developed small and medium-sized e-commerce enterprises to avoid detours in the development of the logistics industry is on the road, a subject we explored for a long time, and now finally find a way." Dangdang.com operations vice president Zhang Yun said that dangdang.com through the integration of third party logistics resources, and to integrate logistics and public service platform to the role of other enterprises open logistics services, and the traditional sense of the courier company and some electronic commerce enterprise self distribution team is different.

Zhang Yun believes that compared with the practice of self distribution team, the formation of an open platform for logistics is more scalable and sustainable model. First of all, the self distribution team is faced with former partners (third party courier) competition; secondly, the electronic commerce enterprise business scale is small, only to establish their own team in the center area of the center of the city, and the surrounding city and county will cooperate with third party courier company, so very prone to self the company distribution team to steal third party courier business best, but still have to rely on third party express delivery service area to complete more embarrassing cooperation situation, let the third party express company level of profitability decline, lose the development momentum and confidence.

open logistics platform model is different. Dangdang logistics open platform is to organize the existing third party courier company, and will establish a common service standards and strict service assessment system. By giving full play to dangdang.com brand and technological advantages, by attracting more e-commerce enterprises to use the open platform, open platform Dangdang logistics can have a great scale, let the third party express cooperation has a more stable and better business source of income, to form a good relationship, to achieve a win-win situation.


platform during the spring of this year on dangdang.com played a huge role. Ten days before the Spring Festival, once a year at the end of peak consumption sudden surge in online shopping orders, special purchases for the Spring Festival weather, in addition, gasoline and diesel prices, transportation tension, courier labor shortage and other factors, the domestic large and small courier company the pressure surge, not only online shopping often special purchases for the Spring Festival delay, slow courier delivery, many courier the company more backlog of goods and "critical", so many e-commerce enterprises had to stop operating during the Spring Festival, a large number of business, loss at all during the Spring Festival and dangdang.com is sadly sigh, in the whole logistics service as usual during the holiday season, all business was not affected.


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