have an appointment with the domain name

how to read the title of the article, I feel very backward, borrowed " I have a date with the zombie "

1: investment domain name depends on the economic

feel any appreciation of space domain, you need money to register, or take the money to buy the domain name, Tudou.com is like this, so you must know where to register the domain name more secure, you can transfer convenience, storage fees need to be like how much money this year,.Cn domain name to reach the lowest price in the world.1 yuan / year, then the.Cn domain name registration. At the same time, many people have joined the " minon " this line. I know a lot of friends, holding thousands, even tens of thousands of domain names. Then find buyers on the Internet, whether or not you want to join minon this line, or you want to see the economy, if you just think of a domain name with appreciation of space, you dont minon.

two: investment domain name to see the value of

are so many friends, the words all kind of register, and then register to take the first letter of Pinyin domain name, generally ranging from 4-8, is the truth, take the first letter of the name of more than 5 is completely meaningless. Do not know why, I recently very ugly number + letters (especially good is meaningless, always feel that such letters) m little appreciation of space, because when the user to enter the domain name is very difficult. The domain score, you can refer to my article, http://s.zongh.com/article.asp? Id=12 simple to make their own investment to make yourself feel m a score, and need for the M investment insurance.

three: investment domain name depends on the timing of

How to seize the best period of the

domain name investment, how do we know the registration of the domain name, usually through TV, or network out of a popular new products, such as long ago in the non mainstream, now was very hot. When we learned that one will be on the news. Or has occurred, and you think the future will be fired up, this depends on the mind, the best in the first time to register the meters, of course, in the registration between can go to Baidu and other search engines to understand, see what others have registered for this type of rice.

four: what kind of domain name

this is no longer a fresh topic. I’ll just say it here.

preferred 6 bit following.Com

: phonetic class. This then is the best, see baidu.com, tudou.com, English: Second Class: basically a foreigner is very well informed of the news, this can be registered to do good, but I think there should be no phonetic class, if you want to buy a Hello, such as Love, Chinese see what you know, what we said.

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