Ningmei Guo airborne New York Times Square double round eleven

New York Times alias square Times Square, located in the New York city of Manhattan downtown district, sitting on the crossroads of the world "reputation, world entertainment, fashion and news focus. The largest the most expensive billboards located here, across the block width domineering exposed, billboard Beijing time on October 21st this collection of the eyes of the world there is a Chinese brand: Ningmei guo.


integrated computer want to change the pattern of the world DIY

to Chinese Ningmei Guo integrated computer leader identity airborne Times Square, this is an important breakthrough in the industry, Ningmei Guo was born in the DIY industry flourished, with integrated computer concept DIY concept into the Internet thinking, the electricity supplier channels and personal computer products perfect fusion, to create a new service system according to the actual needs of users. Upright Ningmei Guo again with record sales, renewed for personal computer users with feelings of hope.

Asia as one of the core industrial areas of the DIY, the recession was a blow and scattered, and now rather than the United States does not seem to be confined to the layout of the domestic market, the global market also needs a fresh wind blowing. Times Square flash advertising may be but a moment, but with the influence of the world of personal computer pattern, the integrated concept of computer into the overseas market has been determined to keep in mind.



double wins a whoop and a hollerAirborne

Times Square is a step of propaganda, make big publicity time, Ningmei Guo wants to convey to the user is at eleven to double. "Double eleven promotion of science and technology show play upright" theme for the personal computer market turmoil, sweeping.

multi dimension is the double eleven highlights, from the beginning of October 19th, the famous anchor line to entertainment as the theme of the broadcast, multi platform interactive topic propagation will spread rapidly, to create the most eleven double preheating entertainment attitude. In order to avoid the double eleven day concentration order caused by the blockage of logistics, Ningmei Guo in October 21st to open the pre-sale, pre-sale period of the Ning signing team regularly held water friendly, with multiple preferential love games eSports fans.

double eleven day, each star of the whole point of live interactive participation in games and entertainment content will have a chance to win a big star, live events accompany 0 panic buying bell waiting for game player. What will the star? Do you know Shen Mengchen, Chrissie Chau.


meets the upright double eleven sexy you are looking for

?In eleven the

double the time All flowers bloom together., coquettish, Ning Mei country show its upright side

welfare welfare upright, not false, micro-blog, WeChat, Post Bar, micro Amoy, forum, the broadcast platform & all kinds of welfare payment coupons……


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