Beautiful and merger, shopping guide business has changed

two companies in China’s unique electricity supplier to grow up in the environment, can rely on a merger, from the past prosperity revived?

"I actually refused at first." In talking about why can dominate mergers and acquisitions, with two years older, valuations are higher peer companies beautiful said, founder June chose this sentence as the opening. and the United States said that the merger of the news, from the end of 2015 has been spread to the beginning of 2016, it is concluded. According to the two sides issued in January 11th to their internal mail, the two companies will take 2:1 to the price of the convertible, headed by June CEO; the new company after the merger of the valuation of nearly $3 billion, and will be a new round of funding from the Tencent.

in a small media communication on the afternoon of January 11th, June and beauty founder Xu Yirong made more explanation for the decision: the two sides have just signed the merger agreement, the details to resolve after the Spring Festival; however, beautiful under the sea Amoy business HIGO has clearly not involved in the transaction.

Beauty Group – public comment, or indirect holding where Ctrip is successful, the process of this merger is harmony. The two founders said that within 1 months to complete the entire process from the meeting to sign the agreement, because the two sides after careful consideration, that the merger is conducive to long-term development, it is worth".

As for the

outside the famous "Hillhouse, Tencent, Sequoia and other investing that may merge agents" did not imagine so serious. Xu Yirong said it is an understatement: "investors are common friends, help provide some clues."

but the two companies from the current market performance, "capital" can be widely recognized, and it is a very normal thing: if unable to complete the listing, or find new investors as "then set man, who has been willing to put the money in the two not to go through the business model of the company in


the two companies of the earliest known to the outside world, because they are using Pinterest’s "endless" picture wall + link form, the female users "shopping", "pick" and "buy" work together to solve the problem; with Taobao’s volume and commission mode, the steady growth of income.

but after leaving Taobao, the two companies have entered the transition period of confusion; like "what is worth buying, but at this time, from a blog into a professional shopping guide in the sea Amoy station, and they announced the merger was announced, got the first $100 million financing.

compared to June, when entrepreneurs, shopping guide, or social electricity supplier, the business, apparently has undergone great changes in.

beautiful and do shopping guide, and what is worth

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