Cabbage prices spawned domain name cattle

due to the popularity of the CN domain name, domain name registration in recent years the price dropped lower and lower, by hundreds of yuan all the way down to tens of dollars, once known as the "cabbage price", "price". Especially CNNIC in March 7th this year to carry out "the CN domain name of 1 yuan experience since the CN domain name registration price is down to only symbolically charged 1 yuan, which also contributed to the CN domain name registration number for leaping from 1 million 800 thousand to 5 million 300 thousand, completed nearly two times over the past ten years the total registered.

low priced to sell high priced

cheap domain name registration price has spawned a new business industry.

netizens Zheng in recent years, specializing in CN domain name. In 2003, he registered a single English alphabet domain name has been sold 13, profit of nearly one million. One of the 3 domains such as is selling a high price of 98 thousand yuan.

nowadays, people like Mr. Zheng are still quite a few. They are the first time to name a few well-known companies or similar names registered hand, and then wait for each other to buy high price, earn huge profits.

officially entered the Chinese market in 2005 to carry out the business of Google million dollars to redeem and two CN domain name, the highest price in the history of CN domain name trading. CN domain name investors Beijing state grid company boss also became a millionaire overnight.

profit and risk coexist

generally, enterprises to recover lost domain has more than two ways: one is resolved by the court or the domain name dispute procedures, two directly to the first to register to negotiate purchase. Google invalid in the case of domain name dispute procedures, can only spend money to buy. But for ordinary investors, the investment domain is not big, need to take some risks.

according to Beijing Sheng Feng law firm chief lawyer Yu Guofu introduced, not every company can be registered after the domain name of its own, for large companies registered may not be able to profit. "Google’s CN domain name was registered is occurred many years ago, when the Google is still not doing business in China, so the arbitration institution does not support the company to regain the practice of domain name, and similar to the already doing business in China for many years the company like Microsoft, if you go to the malicious registration of its domain name, according to CNNIC now the domain name dispute solution, it is impossible to succeed." Moreover, China’s CN domain name investment lack of perfect market trading system, most of the transactions for private transactions, may lead to fraud and other criminal cases.

Internet industry veteran Wang Yun suggested: "the domain name registration is a kind of identity in essence, a name. Registered domain name and buy clothes, like is the best. Internet users should be based on actual needs, rational registration in line with their own needs."

– domain name dispute


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