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many e-commerce sites now tend to place too much content on their pages. The reason for this messy page is obvious: the more information you get from the page, the more users will buy it. Unfortunately, people who buy online are picky people.

Jacob Nielson reports that today’s Internet users are becoming more and more impatient when shopping online. People will no longer go to the home page of the site or by category to find the contents of this product and user evaluation, but mainly through the rapid Google search. If the user can’t find what they want, they will leave.

has a profile page that allows users to quickly find what they want is very important, especially when you are selling goods. If your web page is filled with useless articles, gadgets, and unrelated items, the page becomes meaningless.


has become a common practice for making web pages complex, e-commerce sites have adopted a "scattering" approach designed to provide as many options as possible to all potential buyers. Each web page no longer makes it only a commodity, but is filled with a lot of irrelevant information, advertising and related goods.

fewer goods means more attention to

many Internet companies forget the main principles of this e-commerce site: online shoppers want to minimize trouble. Relative to stay in the car to go to the store to buy DVD, just click on the Amazon site to a few more simple. Consumers even want to wait longer and spend more money as long as their shopping experience is simple and fast.

Apple Corp has designed a simple web page with a sense of art. If you go to their website, they only show you three things:

1 a simple title

2 shows a commodity in the main part of the web page

3 there are some information links and pictures about the product below the fold

in addition to the standard title, the page contains only three parts, if you click on the link below what you see (for example, iPhone).

even if you are on this product page, you will be able to see how this page is: iphone. The product itself takes up most of the page, and the rest of the information is about the characteristics and applications of iphone. But more importantly, pay attention to what is not displayed on the iPhone page:

1 unrelated merchandise

2 is not related to news and advertising

3 similar things

4 other things

Apple Corp has provided enough information in a very efficient and very polite way

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