Sources said the network CEO Wu Bo hand inside his office to leave the normal work


handle net CEO Wu wave


technology news August 6th morning news today, micro-blog news, CEO handle Wu point disagreements with the board of directors, will leave entrepreneurship, but handle network official denied this news, says it is still in the normal work.

micro-blog today came out of the news that Wu Bo will leave, as the founder of the handle network, Wu Bo was expected to leave the analyst for the failure of gambling, the reason is to have to cancel the IPO program. According to sources, the investor has to pick up the handle, Wu Bo has been elevated.

but this news was officially denied the handle, said Wu Bo did not leave, and stressed that it is still working. Wu Bo cell phone is in a state of no response.

since June after the withdrawal of IPO, on the news of the outgoing senior executives repeatedly, including CFO Zhang seized, one of the founding team Zheng Binjun chose to leave. According to the listing prospectus filed last year in hand, the cumulative loss has reached 390 million yuan, if the loss and did not get new financing, the funds to maintain in the third quarter of this year.

prospectus also shows that the current largest shareholder of the handle network for investors in Jinsha River, the shareholding ratio of 38.9%, Wu and his family is the largest shareholder of the company, the shareholding ratio of $second to $22.6%. Analysts believe that, in the case of the closing of the listing window, buy market capital environment has fallen into the cold winter, the next hand will face enormous difficulties.

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