Because more understand the Chinese market, the company is helping Japanese companies to sell goods

Abstract: the princess and the pea in addition to the To C business and B2B business, that is to say, in addition to the princess and the pea own brand, Japanese companies also helped the princess and the pea cooperative operations in other electronic business platform.


flight 2.5 hours, a plane from Shanghai landed in Tokyo Haneda airport. This line, Weng Yongbiao did not know how many times to go.

lives in Shanghai Weng Yongbiao study in Japan in 1988, after graduation, he chose to stay in here, and in 2005 when he was president and Jinshan Group established a joint venture in Japan Kingsoft Lei Jun. Today, he has more than two cities in Beijing and Guangzhou in the country’s permanent destinations, and his entrepreneurial projects are investigating new cities.

Pea Princess is a vertical cross-border business platform for the Japanese market, in Japan for many years of life Weng Yongbiao founded the company two years ago. In the domestic online shopping consumers, "the princess and the pea" name than ocean terminal, little red book a bit strange, but the company in the capital circle do not have a low degree of concern, in the cross-border electricity supplier "winter" in a year to complete the 3 round of financing.

at the end of 11, the princess and the pea announced the completion of the B round of financing, the amount of $26 million, by one of Japan’s largest VC fund World Innovation Lab lead investor, Itochu, intime capital, investment capital with Tao yun. Prior to this, the princess and the pea respectively in February and May this year announced the completion of the A round and A+ round intime capital, it real fund, IDG capital investment of $20 million.

it is worth noting that, in the new round of investors, the introduction of two Japanese Princess Princess local fund, which was interpreted as Weng Yongbiao and his Pea Princess in the trust of more Japanese companies.

day is not a good self do electricity supplier

Chinese people buy and buy enthusiasm, Japanese companies have long felt. But in the previous two years, for they Chinese market are not so interested in, on the one hand, the enterprise itself originated in Japan for a conservative strategy of brand management, on the other hand, the Japanese domestic users have a strong consumer demand.

but the more important reason is that most Japanese companies do not understand the Chinese market and consumers.

it is understood that, as early as a few years ago, Sun Zhengyi was a joint Alibaba opened in Taobao "Yahoo! Shopping" (Yahoo! JAPAN website) shop, trying to sell products to Japan will be the formal channels to Chinese. Unfortunately, after several attempts, Japanese companies do electricity supplier idea or failed.

cross-border electricity supplier rise, so that more companies are willing to try to go out. Japanese chain life department store brand Tokyu Hands (east hand)

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